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There are many ways to send assessments depending on your audience. This tutorial outlines the different ways to send an assessment through the Assessment Center. If you are trying to send an assessment to a recepient, follow the steps below.

Invite by email

Managing open invitation
Invite by email
Inviter by link
Managing an open invitation link
Add behavioral assessment by score ID

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Behavioral assessment
Cognitive assessment

Behavioral assessment

Important tips!

The recipient should take the assessment in their preferred language whenever possible.

Introduce the assessment in a casual, non-threatening manner.

The PI Behavioral Assessment requires the recipient’s own responses and should be influenced as little as possible by the administrator, other people, and the environment.

When administering the assessment to a group, instruct recipients not to discuss the assessment while completing it.

Preparing the recipient for the behavioral assessment

Recipients may be unsure of how the results will be interpreted or used and may be nervous or uninterested in participation. To help set expectations, advise the recipient:

There are no right or wrong answers – it’s not a test.

Read instructions carefully and use your own judgment to answer questions. If you do not understand a particular word, skip it.

The assessment should have your full concentration, so limit or remove any possible distractions.

Time is not a factor; take as much time as you need.

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