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Combination BD: Interaction



B > D | Informal

• Extraverted

• Outgoing

• Uninhibited expression of friendliness

• Poised

• Informal in social situations

• Enthusiastic, persuasive talker

• Engaging conversationalist


D > B | Formal

• Serious

• Disciplined

• Sincere

• Reserved, formal and quiet

• Factual conversationalist

• Sensitive to criticism

• Cautious with new people


Workplace Behaviors


B>D Informal

• Providing Direction: Big picture, talks at a high level in general terms

• Sharing Ideas: No filter – shares everything that comes to mind, processes out loud, ideas not fully baked

• Delegating: Delegates details easily, quick to trust


D>B Formal

• Providing Direction: Very detailed instructions, does it the “correct” way (their interpretation of correct)

• Sharing Ideas: Selective in what they share, analytical, factual

• Delegating: Provides a lot of structure, takes time to trust

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation

Illustration combination BD - EN

Illustration combination BD - EN

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation

En-tête 3

Je suis un paragraphe. Cliquez ici pour ajouter votre propre texte et me modifier. C'est facile.

Combination CD: Rules

Predictive Index

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