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The Analyzer profile

Disciplined Analytical Self-motivated Data-driven

Analyzers are sticklers for details and will gather all the relevant facts before making a decision. The only thing more important to them than being heard is making sure they're right. Analyzers tend to be thorough, intense, focused, and thoughtful.

Decoding Analyzer

Managing open invitation
Decoding Analyzer
An introduction to Analyzer

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Characteristics of an Analyzer
Analyzer at work
The Analyzer leader
Managing an Analyzer

Characteristics of an Analyzer

Natural Strengths

  • Disciplined

  • Analytical

  • Self-motivated

  • Data-driven

Common Drivers

  • Understanding of the big picture

  • Room for introspection

  • Opportunities to work at a fast pace

  • Freedom from risk of errors

Blind Spots

  • Perfectionistic with high standards

  • Can be skeptical

  • Uncomfortable making decisions without data

  • Hesitant to delegate details or authority

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