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The Individualist profile

Self-confident Analytical Drives change Methodical

Individualists march to the beat of their own drum and are always up for a challenge. They're confident, analytical, and persistent—strong-minded people who quickly turn ideas into reality. Hungry to solve problems and move forward, they dislike being bogged down with the details.

Decoding Individualist

Managing open invitation
Decoding Individualist
An introduction to Individualist

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Characteristics of an Individualist
Individualist at work
The Individualist leader
Managing an Individualist

Characteristics of an Individualist

Natural Strengths

  • Self-confident

  • Analytical

  • Drives change

  • Methodical

Common Drivers

  • Independence

  • Opportunities to work with facts

  • Flexibility

  • Freedom from changing priorities

Blind Spots

  • Can be unorthodox in their approach

  • May appear stubborn or opinionated

  • Doesn’t like too much structure or direction

  • Difficulty with authority

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