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The Maverick profile

Innovative Goal-oriented Visionary Flexible

Mavericks are visionaries who want to achieve what’s never been achieved before. They’re not fans of the status quo and will shake things up. Mavericks tend to be innovative, influential, daring, and direct—with a remarkably high tolerance for taking chances.

Decoding Maverick

Managing open invitation
Decoding Maverick
An introduction to Maverick

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Characteristics of a Maverick
Maverick at work
The Maverick leader
Managing a Maverick

Characteristics of a Maverick

Natural Strengths

  • Innovative

  • Goal-oriented

  • Visionary

  • Flexible

Common Drivers

  • Opportunities to influence

  • Freedom from rules and controls

  • Variety

  • Competition

Blind Spots

  • Technical work

  • Limited attention to detail

  • Delegates with loose follow-up

  • May appear tough-minded

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