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The Promoter profile

Collaborative Outgoing Patient Flexible

The Promoter is hard not to like. Extraverted, harmonious, supportive, and encouraging—they're a valued member of any team. Promoters are charismatic, flexible, persuasive, and highly diplomatic. They love being with, talking to, and getting to know others.

Decoding Promoter

Managing open invitation
Decoding Promoter
An introduction to Promoter

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Characteristics of a Promoter
Promoter at work
The Promoter leader
Managing a Promoter

Characteristics of a Promoter

Natural Strengths

  • Collaborative

  • Outgoing

  • Patient

  • Flexible

Common Drivers

  • Harmony

  • Social acceptance

  • Supportive work team

  • Freedom from rigid structure and expectations

Blind Spots

  • Limited attention to detail

  • Can be overly talkative

  • Negative response to pressure

  • May appear superficial

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