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The Venturer profile

Assertive Analytical Driving Goal-oriented

Once Venturers identify an opportunity to push the organization forward, it becomes an irresistible magnet. Venturers are always exploring and moving past boundaries. They're strong-willed, goal-oriented, and focused on making an impact at work. Expect them to be self-starters and innovators who tackle new problems with enthusiasm.

Decoding Venturer

Managing open invitation
Decoding Venturer
An introduction to Venturer

En-tête 3

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation
Characteristics of a Venturer
Venturer at work
The Venturer leader
Managing a Venturer

Characteristics of a Venturer

Natural Strengths

  • Assertive

  • Analytical

  • Driving

  • Goal-oriented

Common Drivers

  • Independence

  • Opportunities to reflect

  • Variety

  • Freedom from structure and rules

Blind Spots

  • Can appear tough-minded

  • Doesn’t like working under close supervision

  • May be overly frank

  • Doesn’t like too much structure or direction

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