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Combination AB: Orientation



A > B | Task Oriented

• Critical, creative thinker

• Technical orientation

• Inquiring mind

• Problem solver

• Limited delegation of authority


B > A | People Oriented

• Empathetic

• Persuasive

• Sociable

• Service-oriented

• Delegates authority

• Comfortable on a team

• Unselfish


Workplace Behaviors


A>B Task Oriented

• Communicating: Direct to the point, blunt under pressure

• Delegating Authority: Tightly held, find it hard

• Problem Solving: Creative solutions, “heads down” analytical

• Decision Making: Individual, “decide and announce”


B>A People Oriented

• Communicating: Empathetic, social

• Delegating Authority: Sharing, delegates easily

• Problem Solving: Collaborative, talks it through with others

• Decision Making: Consensus, people focused


AB Factor Combination

Managing open invitation
AB Factor Combination

Illustration combination AB - EN

Illustration combination AB - EN

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation

En-tête 3

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Combination AC: Action

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