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Combination AC: Action


A > C | Proactive

• Takes initiative

• Competitive

• Driven to get things done

• Positive response to pressure

• Fast-paced

• Achievement-oriented

• Impatient with routine

C > A | Responsive

• Consistent with repetitive work

• Cooperative with others

• Tolerant

• Patient

• Dependable

• Steady

• Easygoing

Workplace Behaviors

A>C Proactive

• Responding to Pressure: Thrive under pressure, positive response

• Adjusting/Adapting to Change: Adapt easily, a change agent

• Taking Action: Decisive, proactive

• Listening: Sparingly, finds it difficult

C>A Responsive

• Responding to Pressure: Tentative, with caution

• Adjusting/Adapting to Change: Takes time, needs to understand why

• Taking Action: Carefully, responsively

• Listening: Listens well, thoroughly

AC Factor Combination

Managing open invitation
AC Factor Combination

Illustration combination AC - EN

Illustration combination AC - EN

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation

En-tête 3

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