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Combinations AD: Risk



A > D | Comfortable with Risk

• Independent

• Individualistic

• Self-confident

• Firm

• Decisive

• Venturesome

• Resistant to authority


D > A | Cautious with Risk

• Cooperative

• Supportive

• Willing and helpful

• Need for rules and structure

• Accurate and careful

• Concerned about criticism

• Conservative


Workplace Behaviors


A>D Comfortable with Risk

• Perception of Risk: Risk = Opportunity, bring it on, it’s fun!

• Decision Making: Quickly, easily

• Need for Rules and Processes: Minimal, rules are just “suggestions”

• Generalist vs. Specialist: Generalist


D>A Cautious with Risk

• Perception of Risk: Wants to mitigate/protect, worrisome

• Decision Making: Carefully, cautiously

• Need for Rules and Processes: Strong need, needs clarity around rules

• Generalist vs. Specialist: Specialist

AD Factor Combination

Managing open invitation
AD Factor Combination
AD Conflict

Illustration combination AD - EN

Illustration combination AD - EN

En-tête 3

Managing open invitation

En-tête 3

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